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    Sell My Home Your Home Sold in 90 Days, Guaranteed!

    Here at Wood Real Estate Group we hold ourselves to a high standard. And we believe you deserve to know we are working hard for you. We have put together a list of promises to our clients and a guarantee. Here is our promise to you!

    We will:

    Get Professional Photos of your home

    Have one Open House Per Month

    Put your home on thousands of websites

    Assign an agent to you through the whole process

    Market your home online through FB, Instagram, and paid advertising

    We will coordinate Contractors if needed for repairs

    We will coordinate moving companies if needed

    We will coordinate all showing, forms, and contracts

    Last, we have a sold in 90 day Guarantee!

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    We would love the opportunity to work with you on the sale of your home. Customer service is our number one priority. Give us the chance to sit you down through our marketing plan and discuss the proper listing price of your home. We know this will be one of the larger financial decisions of your life and we want to take care of you every step of the way!


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